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Hope Tank
A Charitable Boutique
What is Hope Tank?

Hope Tank
is the passion project of owner, Erika E. Righter. Erika is a social worker, mom, wife, and social entrepreneur. Erika's experience as a social worker was instrumental in her desire to start Hope Tank.

Hope Tank
 opened it's doors in February of 2012, and started off selling handmade products by local artists who donated a portion of their sales to a charity of their choosing. We have expanded our inventory, to include products from all over the world, from companies that are philanthropic and environmentally responsible. Every purchase in the shop will have impact in the world, and we want that impact to inspire people to action.

In addition to running Hope Tank, 
Erika works in the community to support youth emancipating out of the foster care system, and has a personal commitment to educating the public about children and families affected by foster care.

The Hope Tank Family:

     Erika and her husband Kevin     Baby Maeve       Farley Sadie

In her own words-

"I wanted to create a place where inspired people could come together to have impact on our community. I was tired of traditional means of educating the public about charitable causes. I built a store that could introduce customers to interesting products, and at the same time, educate and inspire them to give. I choose work that I would either buy for myself or my friends and family. I encourage the artists to choose a charity that means something to them, for their charitable donation.

People come in for things like a baby shower gift, and leave feeling good, and inspired to learn more. I am happy about the movement that is st
arting to emerge, with people seeing the value of combining business with philanthropy. I believe that hope is the fuel for real and lasting change, and we are filling people with hope, and sending them off into the community to effect change."

- Erika E. Righter, Owner of Hope Tank

64 Broadway
Denver, CO 80203

Mondays- 12-7
Wednesday-Saturday 12-7
Sundays- 12-7

Contact us:
(720) 837-1565

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